• A book published in 2018.

  • A book published the year you were born.

  • A classic book or a book published over 100 years ago.

  • A book that you’ve started before and never finished.

  • A book you should have read in school, but didn’t.

  • A Book you’ve already read – time for a re-read!

  • A book that you’ve put off reading.

  • A banned book.

  • A book by an author you’ve never read.

  • A popular author’s first book.

  • A book turned movie you’ve seen but haven’t read.

  • A book turned TV show you’ve seen but haven’t read.

  • A funny book.

  • A book that will make you smarter.

  • An award-winning book.

  • A book based on a true story.

  • A book chosen for you by a friend.

  • A book set during Christmas.

I will be adding every book I will finish here with a link to it’s review on Goodreads.

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